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When Friendship Lives Beyond the Stars: A Resource Book to Help Children Cope with the Death of a Pet

When Friendship Lives Beyond the Stars

This best selling book has been used for over 16 years by veterinary clinics, veterinary teaching hospitals and grief counsellors as a resource to help children cope with the loss of a pet.

An illustrated children’s book aimed at younger children which encourages expression of emotions surrounding loss and sadness. This book features a pet dog in the illustrated children’s story.

A resource section at the back includes age specific advice on explaining death to children and answers to commonly asked questions.

Price: $10.99 + tax
Purchase Codes: AVP 9130200, VP 6890800, WDDC 108197

Our Love Lives on For Miles in Heaven: A Healing Book for Children and Teens Grieving the Loss of a Pet

Our love lives on for miles in heaven

This brand new book consisting of three parts. Each part is designed to support families through their grief and assist them to begin healing their hearts.

Part I: An illustrated children’s story which chronicles one family’s journey through the loss of their beloved cat, the emotions they feel and the steps they take to work through their grief and healing.

Part II: Suggestions for healing activities and memorial ideas which families can participate in together.

Part III: A Resource guide for parents to provide guidance through the difficult discussions surrounding death and the emotions surrounding the grief of pet loss. Includes a section on companion animal grief.

Price: $10.99 + tax
Purchase Codes:  AVP 9130190, VP 6890950, WDDC 133582